Splash Fruits

Case Study

The Challenge

A juice company need pictures.
How to show the freshness of a Brazilian fruit to a public increasingly bombarded by artificial images ?

The Solution

Forget the 3d. Let´s do the real thing! Fruits should be carefully chosen and photographed levitating, receiving a stream of pure cold water. Control the way the water reaches the fruit is a major challenge.

Splashing fruits all night long!

Different fruits

Pictures of each fruit

Total days

Amazing Results

The difficulty of this photographic project is that each fruit has its particularities, where size, color, bark roughness and even weight affect the photographs. Adjust the setup was a constant task. So the timing of splash are near impossible to figure right without try and error process. The pictures need to be made in higher shutter speed and with greater amount of light possible. In near of 80% of shots, I mistake the roght moment to throw water. In order to facilitate the work, I chose to use direct light instead of flash and remote triggers.

Also, I believe is important and isolate the studio, because shooting with water and electrical installations can be a recipe for disaster! These pictures were taken inside the bathroom of my home and not in a professional studio, due limitations of the budget.
The customer was happy with the result. The images were chosen and printed in large format.