Alien Juca


The Creation

This alien above bring me some fun, problems, and also, fear. Thanks to this work, I suffered two death threats. The video above is part of a short story published in chapters in my blog, called “The report of a MIB .”

The Idea

It all started with a story about federal alien hunters in Brazil. In a point by an international agreement, Brazil accepts that this group may be dissolved and the USA start to perform their functions. Fearing for they lives, the Brazilian MIBS crew hide an EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) alive on a farm as a guarantee of life itself, blackmailing the military and the the Brazilian government. The Tale took four years being written, and many people believed (some people still believe) that there is much truth.

Some pictures of “O Relato de um Mib”

I created several images, ranging from aliens killed the dismantling of ships operating, laboratories, etc. There’s even video of people being tortured and expeditions to the interior of real military installations. (Yes, the Brazilian Army allowed me to shoot in secret areas of military units)

The story was successful. The alien captive in video, made in 3DStudio max become viral much more than I expected, ended up in Japan’s TV shows , Mexico Tv, appeared on Sci -Fi channel program , and thanks to it conquered many readers.

It was a true transmedia experience, which involved real-time interaction in social networks, photography, filming, special effects, animation, 3d, character creation, literature, and took me much time, research and planning. The project would not be so successful if I could not count with the help of some friends. Including Americo Lobo, Rafael Assumpção , Denise SB , Gustavo and Mario Filho.

Take a look!

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