Philipe Kling David

Flagrants of unreal life

Fragments in black and white

Introducing a remarkable collection of NFTs by the artist Philipe Kling David, utilizing the visual poetry of black and white photography to portray peculiar moments of mature and elderly individuals who exist only within the confines of an artificial intelligence prompt. Yet, these photographs manage to evoke a profound sense of emotion and establish a strong connection with the observer.

Within this intriguing relationship lies the ability to forge an affective identification with a man painting a portrait of his deceased wife, or the joyous sight of a man strumming his guitar, or the touching encounter of a grandmother eagerly awaiting her granddaughter’s visit. There’s also an elderly gentleman clutching his favorite toy in his hands. 

All of these instances provoke the question: None of this is real, all created with the assistance of artificial intelligence, but how can it not be real when the sentiment is tangible and genuine? And more: Sould we be locked in real? For sure? 

In this dichotomy of the real versus the unreal, the melancholic and the blissful, and the elderly living their lives while allowing others to live theirs, this collection carries its greatest power. It leaves us pondering: Does a photograph produced by artificial intelligence cease to be a photograph?

Through the magic of technology, these NFTs challenge our perception of reality and blur the boundaries between the genuine and the simulated. They beckon us to reflect upon the essence of art itself and the emotional resonance it can evoke, even when its origin lies within the realm of artificial creation. So, as we immerse ourselves in the enigmatic beauty of this collection, let us embrace the questions it raises and explore the profound impact that art, in all its forms, can have on our lives.

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