I am a content creator and I define myself as an artist. I take great pleasure in building stories and situations where humans encounter the unusual, the strange and the bizarre. My work often dialogues with the ideas of death and transcendence.

Besides writing books and publishing ideas on Mundo Gump, I dedicate myself to creating three-dimensional arts, sculptures, illustrations and videos. Sometimes, I try to combine these multimedia in some projects, in search of a plural dimension in the perception of ideas.

I was born in Três Rios – Rio de Janeiro – Brazil in 1976. I am great-grandson, grandson, and son of writers. My father is an engineer and inventor and my mother is a psychologist and writer. I am the oldest of five children. Since very young, I have always been very interested in drawing and reading. Sculpture came later, and ended up occupying a large space in my life. Still very young, I started to paint illustrations with watercolor, and from there I moved on to acrylic painting. In the professional field, I graduated in Psychology, but I always worked in the artistic area, especially in the Design field. During college, I wrote my first book, a historical novel entitled “Capitão do Mato”.

I have been working with arts on computers since before Photoshop existed. At that time, I drew using programming matricial coordinates, and there was not even a graphical interface or windows yet. So, as technology evolved, that was a natural movement for me. In parallel, I continued to paint and draw in physical media. European comics, fantasy books and mass multimedia products like Star Wars influenced me deeply and led me to the field of visual effects.

I worked in animation and multimedia production companies, and then I started to sculpt miniatures for miniature factories, while striving to learn 3d, all always self-taught. After having gone through some agencies and creation studios, I entered the art market for video games, working on games for PC, and consoles, such as Xbox and Playstation.

Then I spent a few years as a researcher at the Industrial Design Division of the National Institute of Technology, where I came into contact with 3d printers for the first time. Some time later I would found my own studio, where I did graphic design and various product designs, ranging from brands, corporate identity, institutional stationery to book publishing.

I started teaching sculptures and 3d in professional artistic training courses and in the meantime, I had already created my blog, Mundo Gump, which started to grow rapidly, reaching impressive numbers of hits. As the volume of production on Mundo Gump was very large, readers often asked me to put some of the stories together in a book. That’s what I did in “the best of Mundo Gump” which came out by Multifoco Publishing House, my second book.

At that time I “do a Big Win” by launching the book on one of the most famous TV shows in Brazil, Jô’s Program (something like David Letterman´s show)

Gradually, I put together the big stories from the site as books and published them on Amazon. At the same time, I continued working with design for corporate clients, painting and sculpting and now also sculpting in 3d and printing, writing books and making daily articles on Mundo Gump.

It was already a lot of things, but I invented to make a zombie movie.

For that I bought a DSLR camera. Infortunelly, my movie never actually happened due to budget constraints but I made good use of the camera when I started photographing and selling fine art photographs on international sites like Fine Art America.

I am self-taught in practically everything. Always seeking to improve myself, I took the screenwriting course at the International Film Academy.

I am always looking for new things, and always learning, since I believe in phrase: “work teaches”.

So, my life is all that and at the same time. Drawing, illustration for magazines, miniatures, 3d sculpture, photography, books, stories… Now I have ventured into the intricacies of generative artificial intelligence, which is the subject I have been studying lately.

Philipe Kling David

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