The Challenge

The cities are suffering from the increasing number of cars, which pollute the environment . The demand for the subway is growing , although the cost of construction of underground roads is very high and demands a long time.

The Solution

A mass public transport vehicle operating with magnetic levitation of superconductors, which travels on elevated track, not interfering with the traffic flow of large cities with clean operation, no noise and with great reliability and modular, allowing for expansion easily to meet demand fluctuations.

The core of the project

The Meissner effect occurs when a superconductor is cooled to -200 degrees Celcius (-300F) using liquid nitrogen. The Superconductor Levite without any other action. The Maglev Cobra started from a simple question: “What if we paste a train over a big superconductors?”

New Urban Maglev Design

Philipe Kling David Participation


Veicle Design


Ergonomics and Usability

Media, datasheets, simulations

Amazing Result


Portifolium Design, National Instutute of Technology and Universidade Federal of Rio de Janeiro


Maglev Cobra Design Team

  • Philipe Kling David
  • Rubem Floriani
  • Thiago L. Toledo
  • Expedito Kneipp

Real Size Mock Up

Real Size Mock Up produced in the National Institute of Technology (INT)

The Results Were Amazing

After years of design and constructions, the Maglev Cobra was finally inaugurated at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), operating through superconductors, carrying students and showing that it is possible to combine the technology for the benefit of people and the environment. I feel proud to have been part of the design development team of this vehicle.